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Sunday, 9/13/2015

Still quality porgy and sea bass fishing. A few fluke caught each day as well as a few trigger fish! below is a picture of Donna Rudolph with her catch of the day… limiting out on sea bass and adding to the mix a fluke and plenty of porgy! **click on images to see actual scale size picture****  9.13.15

Thursday, 8/20/2015

Good day today. Wind with tide made for a faster drift and made fishing a little more difficult than usual. Even with the conditions makeing catching a little tougher, everyone went home happy.

Wednesday, 8/19/2015

A boat full of people wound up putting a very nice catch together by the end of the day with a mix of porgies and seabass. It was a softer bite than it has been, but customers that didnt wait for the bite and kept their rod busy caught all day.

Sunday, 8/16/2015

Had a really nice crowed! Slow start to the morning, but once afternoon neared there was a steady pick with quality sized fish! Had many limits, and everyone put a nice catch together.

Thursday, 8/13/2015

Nice crowed…. crazy fishing! the average person had the porgy limit by the third drift. it took a while to catch sea bass limit before going home, but it did happen and it was incredible fishing today! **click on images to see actual scale size picture**** 8.13.15

Saturday, 8/8/2015

Awesome porgy and black sea bass fishing today! Nice crowd, and many limits on both porgy and sea bass! Guss from NJ won the pool with a 3.6 lb porgy and a runner up sea bass weighing 3.5 lbs! **click on images to see actual scale size picture****


Monday, 7/27/2015

Excellent fishing once again! Extremely high quality and quantity of sea bass with numerous jumbo porgies mixed in!  Three beautiful keeper fluke in the mix for today! Dino, Donna, and daughters had limits on scup and sea bass!

Thursday, 7/23/2015

It was a great day of sea bass fishing with a few porgies mixed in. Lots of quality nuckle heads!

Tuesday, 7/21/2015

Had a light crowd that put an extreemly nice catch together by the end of the day. Half and half sea bass and porgy. **click on images to see actual scale size picture****


Monday, 7/20/2015

Very good catch today. Buckets filled with sea bass and some porgies.

Friday, 7/3/2015

Fluke boat had a pretty good day, and excellent porgy fishing today, even through the stong tides throughout the day. Numerous large scale porgies caught, and by the end of the day a very nice catch was accumulated.***click on images to see actual scale size picture*** btp7.3.15


Tuesday, 6/30/2015

Wound up being a beautiful day. Took a little bit of a longer ride than usual, and it was a very produtive day, with great sized porgies!***click on images to see actual scale size picture***

bp6.30.15 p6.30.15 kp6.30.15

Thursday, 6/18/2015

A beautiful weather day to catch porgies, which we did to everyones delight. Light cloud cover and a gentle breeze makes for a good biting day. A few nice keeper fluke added to the day.

Speaking of fluke, we will be sailing to Gardiners Island for big fluke this weekend, but we will be shutting the fluke boat down on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of next week for some maintenance.

To be announced, we will be starting half day trips around July first.

Wednesday, 6/17/2015

No big fluke today, but at least 5 fares limited out with nice keepers. Wind against tide was a contributing factor. The porgy boat had a banner day. Lots of porgies and all happy customers. A two hour leap job filled coolers! ***click on images to see actual scale size picture*** p5.17.15

Tuesday, 6/9/2015

Peconic Star Express had a tough bite on porgies this morning. The afternoon bite picked up, and the boat wound up putting a nice catch together by the end of the day!

Monday, 6/8/2015

Peconic Star Express had an excellent day porgy fishing! Many early limits and great sizes were caught today! ***click on images to see actual scale size picture***



Tuesday, 5/26/2015

Peconic Star II had a 20 mph southern breeze all day which made for a fast drift. It didn’t bother Jaeh Yun Hwang of Queens NY who latched onto a 10.45 lb fluke (weighed in at Wego Bait Shop). This fish was weighed after it was bled out; probably would have been over 11 lbs. Not everybody went home with keepers, but most did.


Peconic Star Express had a very good day fishing for porgies. Most everybody had their limit, and 2 “lady reelers” Kate Kane and Lee Pascole went home with a 27.4 lbs of boneless filet. Needless to say they were huge porgies!!


Saturday, 5/23/2015

Peconic Star II had an amazing day fluking. We had many people limit, and Choi Sukjoon from Flushing won the pool with a 10.6 lbs fluke. f5.23.15

Peconic Star Express had a nice crowd, and an astounding catch put together. The majority of the fishermen struck their limit. The size of the fish made coolers full before people had reached their limits.

Wednesday, 5/20/2015

Peconic Star Express was a slow but steady bite all day long. 80-90% of the boat reached their limit by the end of the day.

Peconic Star II had a wonderful catch put together.  f5.20.15

Tuesday, 5/19/2015

The Peconic Star II had a good day fluke fishing. We had numerous people limit. and the pool fish was 6+ lbs!

The Peconic Star Express had a super day with the scup… wound up hitting the dock early again! Porgies were up to 19.5 inches, double and triple headers through out the whole day!

Monday, 5/18/2015

Peconic Star II had a rough start today due to a fast drift with 30 mph winds, but by the end of the day put a nice catch together. Tom McGinty from Stoney Creek had the pool 6.5 lb fluke, and he hit his limit. Donna Rudolph from Cutchogue had her limit, one of her fluke being 6.2 lbs. John Bow from Tall Man New York also limited. fff5.18.15

Sunday, 5/17/2015

Peconic Star II had an excellent opening day of fluke fishing! The pool fish was 9.5 lbs, and there were many close runners up. fluke5.17.15

Peconic Star Express had a tough start to the day, but Capt. Dave zoned in this afternoon! The entire boat wound up going home with a beautiful amount of porgies. There were porgies caught up to 19.5 inches as well as about 10-12 weak fish!


Saturday, 5/16/2015

Excellent day for another porgy slaughtering, and many fluke caught on clam! 5.16.15

Friday, 5/15/2015

Another early day back to the dock with everyone hitting their limits!

Thursday, 5/14/2015

Slightly slow morning, but out of the blue porgies came pouring in! It ended up being another early day due to everyone hitting their limits! Constant double headers, and lots of good sized porgies! 5.14.2015

Wednesday, 5/13/2015

Very good day! Returned to the dock by noon, because everyone had their limit! mixed sizes, but still lots of really nice sized porgies!

Monday, 5/11/2015

Light crowed today. The afternoon catch made the day worth while… nice size porgies!! frank 19 in porgie

Sunday, 5/10/2015

Yet another slow morning… the afternoon brought in a good catch. Porgies measuring up to 19 inches came over the rails today. enjoy some new pictures in gallery 🙂 ps web site pics

Saturday, 5/9/2015

Slow morning today, but turned into a decent pick in the afternoon! Experienced fishermen had a good edge on everyone… really nice sized progies; some over 3 lbs!

Sunday, 11/30/2014

Thank you to all of our customers… it was a great season! Our open boat schedule has ended for the year 2014. Please continue to follow our website for next years scheduling.

Saturday, 11/15/2014

Best day for black fishing of the year so far! Fish were beyond hungry, and everyone was steady catching all day long. Almost all limited. Dave Roys won the pool with a 7.3black fish!

Wednesday, 11/12/2014

Light crowed, but a good steady bite all day long. Total mix in the size, but most hit their limits!

Tuesday, 11/11/2014

Considering the strong tide, we wound up putting a decent catch together by the end of the day.

Sunday, 11/9/2014

It was a slow morning for black fish today… The bite picked up slowly throughout the day, and everyone ended up putting a nice catch together.

Saturday. 11/8/2014

Nice crowed on the boat today. Wonderful day for black fishing; bite was on. Okay day for sea bass. Most of the boat caught their limit for black fish today. Pool was won by Clif of Southold with a 7.1 lb blackfish!

Tuesday, 11/4/2014

Scarce day for porgies so it look like from now on we will be fishing for black sea bass and black fish! Quite a few black fish limits today and a pretty good day for sea bass!

Wednesday. 10/29/2014

Very light group of fishermen today, but the bite was ON! Fish were jumping in the boat; good porgy fishing, and everybody limited on quality sea bass! Some nice black fish were in the mix the last few days… looks like a promising start to the Peconic Star’s black fish season… keep a watch the schedule for new changes or call 631-875-2631.

Tuesday, 10/28/2014

Really nice crowed… not much of an appetite from the porgies… wound up taking a long ride, and putting a light catch, of nice sea bass and some porgies, together.

Friday, 10/17/2014

Amazing bite today. The porgies were jumping in the boat. Many limits on the boat today! Wound up calling it an early day due to the amount of limits!

Thursday, 10/16/2014

Light crowed… really good steady bite all day… massive amounts of limiting on porgies.

Monday, 10/13/2014

Phenomenal fishing all day today! The porgies and sea bass had a very aggressive appetite! Nearly every one reached their limit. False albacore, lots of blues, and a few trigger fish today in addition to the plentiful amount of porgy and sea bass for today’s catch.

Sunday, 10/12/2014

Had a decent crowed, and a very slow start to the day. By afternoon bite was on big time! Quite a few limits on the boat; the pool winner, Chule Kim of Pal Park NJ, caught a 6.1 lb sea bass!

Saturday, 10/4/2014

Steady winds all day long with strong gusts and showers all day, but we still put a nice catch together on a very busy boat. Not many sea bass today, but every one went home happy and with plenty of porgies!

Firday, 10/3/2014

Amazing day for porgy fishing. We had a really nice crowed. Almost every person reached their limit of jumbo porgies, and every one had a nice catch of sea bass mixed in.

Monday, 9/29/2014

Excellent day for porgy and sea bass fishing! the average person had a bucket plus by noon. The bite was most definitely on with jumbo porgies and mixed sized sea bass.

Monday, 9/22/2014

Despite the strong winds and a light crowed there was a very large amount of fish caught on the boat today. Every one went home more than happy.

Sunday, 9/21/2014

Wound up having a light crowed, but phenomenal fishing! Jumbo porgies were biting aggressively all day, and we had an extremely high amount of sea bass mixed in!

Saturday, 9/13/2014

Although we had a pretty windy day, about 90% of the boat reached their limit of porgies… along with the great amount of porgies on the boat there was a nice amount of sea bass.

Monday, 9/8/2014

Had very strong tides… and a strong east wind all day. Went for a little longer ride than usual to be blocked by both, and to fish in better conditions. We still had a tough day, but every customer went home beyond satisfied, and with their limit of sea bass and a nice catch of porgies mixed in.

Sunday, 9/7/2014

Despite the ripping tide today every customer went home with a nice catch of jumbo porgies and big sea bass mixed in. Jim Piatos of West Hempstead won the pool with a sea bass weighing 5.6 lbs, and also had a fluke weighing 4.1 lbs.

Saturday, 9/6/2014

Morning action was awesome! Most reached their limits. PM conditions we had wind against tide… was a pick for the rest of the day!

Friday, 9/5/2014

Unbelievable fishing today! Had a slow morning, but second half of the day was an absolute annihilation. Nice sized sea bass and porgies, and many limits caught… pool winner was a weak fish weighing 5.3 lb, and a 4.2 lb fluke as a runner up also caught by John Maglione of Massapequa, NY.

Thursday, 9/4/2014

Excellent day of porgy fishing. Really, really nice sized fish… had many limits for sea bass and porgy!

Friday, 8/29/2014

Despite a light crowed we put together a great catch, and expect to continue to do well as conditions improve… Many limits were had, and mates were still cleaning fish at the dock 45 mins after arriving.

***Peconic Star II will be sailing our last half day trips for the season tomorrow! 

Thursday, 8/28/2014

Despite the heavy winds it was an excellent day of fishing. We had many limits, and all others were very close to catching their limit. The pool winner was a 8.5 lb fluke, and the runner up was a sea bass weighing 5.4 lbs!

Wednesday, 8/27/2014

A slow start for today, but once the tide slowed down extremely good pick… really nice sized porgies all day long. Quality sea bass were also mixed in today along with a few trigger fish. Had a few porgies about the same size as the fluke caught today!

Friday, 8/8/2014

Good fishing both am & pm trips on the Peconic Star II. Nice mixed bag of porgies, sea bass, fluke, and blues; plus gorgeous weather. No half day trips tomorrow (Saturday 8/9/2014)…. come down Sunday 7:30 am or 1:00 pm!

The Peconic Star Express had  a very good day of porgy and sea bass fishing, even though we had a very strong tide…. Had a decent sized crowed; everyone went home with a big bag of fish. Pool winner was 5.3 lb fluke, and runner up was a 3.1 lb porgy! mixed sized but plenty of jumbo porgy in the mix!

Friday, 8/1/2014

The afternoon trip was very good on the Peconic Star II. Many keeper porgies, and a few nice sea bass despite the weather forecast. As a reminder no half trips on Sat 8/9/2014

The full day porgy and sea bass fishing on the Peconic Star Express was another slam job! Monster porgies and plenty of mixed sized sea bass… pretty intense bite all day long! Every body either had their limit or were very close to it. Howard Webb won the pool with a sea bass that was 3.7 lbs.

*Please check up on our schedule and rates pages to stay up to date… and once again there will be No half day trips on Saturday 8/9/2014

Thursday, 7/31/2014

Another splendid day of porgy fishing. Once again good steady bite all day long. Nice mix of jumbo porgies and sea bass. Plenty of limits, and very satisfied customers!

Wednesday, 7/30/14

Wonderful day of fishing! Good steady strong bite from the beginning to the end of the day. Giant porgy and sea bass! The pool was won with a 7.10 lb fluke buy Janet Hannah from Cutchogue, whom also limited on porgies and had a nice bag of sea bass mixed in as well. Runner up was a 3.6 lb sea bass caught by Fran, and the largest porgy caught today was 3.1 lbs! Many people limited with porgy and came close to the limit with sea bass. Pictures of the largest fish mentioned today are up in our gallery!

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Friday, 7/25/14

Peconic Star II went out this morning with a fun crowed, and had a great fishing trip. Great weather, lot of catching, and even a 5 lb fluke as a bonus!

Peconic Star Express Slow in the morning; mainly sea bass caught. Later in the day we found the porgies, hot and heavy! Really good bite and very nice sized porgies! Every customer was beyond satisfied!

Wednesday, 7/23/2014

Slower pick than the last couple of days, but all the customers still put a nice catch together. Some nice sized porgies, and nice amount of sea bass mixed in all day!

Tuesday, 7/22/2014

Awesome day of fishing; good bite all day long! Mixed size porgies, and good steady sea bass catching all day long (also mixed size). The entire crowed was beyond pleased and went home with more than they knew what to do with for dinner!

Monday, 7/21/2014

The Peconic Star Express had a slow start today, but wound up being and excellent day! Jumbo porgies caught all day, and more sea bass today than we’ve seen in a long time… total mix of sizes on the sea bass but numerous quality size included. Check out pics in our gallery!

Saturday, 7/19/2014

Peconic Star Express: Excellent day of fishing for all today! Many nice sized Sea bass and porgies; even a few fluke! Many people were happy to get to the dock a little bit early today, since they were tired from catching their limits on both porgy and sea bass!

Peconic Star II: Everyone went home with a nice sized mixed bad of porgy, fluke, and sea bass today. Good day of fishing for all! Half day trips through labor day schedule is Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays 7:30am-12pm and a secon half trip 1pm-5pm!

Friday, 7/18/2014

Excellent day of porgy fishing on the Peconic Star Express! Nice size porgies with quality black sea bass mixed in. Very steady bite all day long, and every one had a very productive day!

Peconic Star II is doing half day bottom fishing trips every Friday, Saturday, Sunday. We wound up putting a nice catch together for a light crowed, mix of porgy sea bass and fluke. Everybody went home with a nice dinner and very happy!

Sunday, 7/13/2014

Peconic Star II had a slow fluke fishing day due to wind against tide, but most of the boat went home with a nice fish dinner.

Peconic Star Express had an excellent day even though there were building winds all day. Not the best conditions, but had a great day fishing for porgy regardless of the weather!

Saturday. 7/12/2014

Peconic Star Express held a private lighthouse tour all day, and everyone had a great time visiting 6 lighthouses, bird and seal watching at little gull.

Peconic Star II went porgy fishing today, and had another day of numerous limits!

Friday, 7/11/2014

Peconic Star II had a steady pick all morning, and slowed down once the tide change came in. Due to conditions of the weather and tide fishing didnt improve for the rest of the afternoon.

Peconic Star Express had an excellent day porgy fishing today and many went home with their limit!

Thursday. 7/10/2014

Awesome day today! Great bite all morning; slowed down slightly after the tide change, but still a steady pick for the remainder of the day! Most went home with their limit and others were close!


Saturday, 7/5/2014

Saturday was another great day of fishing for the Peconic Star Fleet.  The Peconic star II had a very good day of local fluking, with several fish over 4 lbs. and a pool fish of 8.05 lbs., caught by Lewis Duckman of Seaford, officially weighed in at Wego Bait Station in Southold.  The Peconic Star Express also had a very good day on the porgies despite windy conditions.  After a slow start, the bite improved steadily to a solid pick, with several limits and all aboard happy and loaded down with sweet porgy fillets.

PLEASE NOTE:  THERE WILL NOT BE A FLUKE TRIP NEXT SATURDAY, 7/12.  We will sail for fluke on Fri., 7/11, and our last fluke trip of the season will be Sunday, 7/13. Porgies will remain on current schedule..

Stay tuned for SEABASS and BLUEFISH schedules, which will post this week.

Keep current with our upcoming schedule changes on noreast.com, Facebook, and Twitter

Thursday, 7/3/2014 Fishing Report

Good steady bite all day! What a difference between yesterday and today! People had half a bucket to a bucket of jumbo porgies by noon! Fare amount of people had their limit by the end of the day, and we are looking forward to the season opening for sea bass on the 15th of July! We have already have had a preview of whats to come, and it looks like it will be a great season!

Tuesday, 7/1/2014 Fishing Report

Light crowed on the Peconic Star Express today. It was a difficult day of fishing, but everybody went home with a porgy dinner.

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Sunday, 6/29/14 Fishing Report

Fluke boat sailed and had a slow but decent catch today…. good amount of keepers. Once again Donna Rudolph took the pool with a 5.2 lb fluke. Ben had the runner up with a 4.5 lb fluke, and Ajia Tinnin with a 4.1 lb fluke!

Porgy boat had a slow but steady pick. Mix of sizes, and the people that took the advice of the mates all limited out by putting the effort needed in by changing bait frequently and keeping their rods moving at all times.

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Friday, 6/27/14 Fishing Report

Peconic Star Express sailed for porgies this morning and had an excellent day! Nice sized porgies came up all day; quite a few people limited today!

Peconic Star II had a light crowed but had a steady pick all day… a few nice doormat fluke (2 new pics in the gallery).

Come out and sail with us tomorrow and get some nice sized porgies and fluke! Both boats will sail at 7:30 am! We look forward to having you come fishing with us!

Thursday, 6/26/14 Fishing Report

Neither boat sailed today, but the Captain of the Peconic Star II did get a chance to do some scouting on his own boat today and found a nice load of fluke to fish on for the weekend. Porgy fishing has also been consistent this week and we expect good fishing and great weather this weekend. Both boats sail from the Greenport RR dock at 7:30 am.

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Monday, 6/23/14 Fishing Report

Monday had a light crowd, but a nice mixed bag of big fluke and jumbo porgies. Everyone had a nice bag of fillets, and Capt. Dave is keeping close tabs on the movements of the fluke and the scup.

The Peconic Star Express sails daily at 7:30 a.m. for Jumbo Porgies. The Peconic Star II will continue to sail Friday, Saturday and Sunday ONLY for big Greenport fluke, also at 7:30 a.m. Keep up with us on our new website: http://peconicstarboats.com. Also LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @PeconicStar.


Sunday, 6-22 Fishing Report


Sunday, June 22 2114 was yet another day of incredible fishing on the Peconic Star Fleet!  A new wave of large fluke hit Greenport this weekend, and the Peconic Star II  was on the meat all day long.  At least half of the customers reached their limit of big flatties today, and everyone went home with a nice bad of fresh fluke fillets.  Donna Rudolph from Cutchogue had her limit of fish up to 6 lbs., and her fillet bag weighed out at 13.7 POUNDS of pure, sweet fluke fillets!


Scup fishing on the Peconic Star Express was also outstanding again today, and except for a couple of brief pauses caused inconsiderate local boat traffic, the fishing was non-stop for the Jumbo porgies.  Many limits were caught, and Capt. Dave has the fish DIALED IN for this coming week.


The Peconic Star Express sails daily at 7:30 a.m. for Jumbo Porgies.  The Peconic Star II will continue to sail Friday, Saturday and Sunday ONLY for big Greenport fluke, also at 7:30 a.m.  Keep up with us on our new website: peconicstarboats.com.  Also LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @PeconicStar.

Saturday, 6-21 Fishing Report

Saturday, June 21 2014 Great day of fishing for both porgy and fluke… Pete Messina from Moriches limited and went home with the pool fish, a 5.1 lb fluke. Ajia Tinnin from Greenport also limited. Phenomenal day for the Porgy boat as well, plenty of jumbo porgies went home with everyone! Join us tomorrow for some more great fishing 🙂

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Tuesday, 6-17 Fishing Report

Tuesday, June 17 2014 Light crowed for porgy fishing today, but steady action! Please take note to our recent trip updates on the schedule page, and follow us on twitter @Peconic Star and/or facebook @ Peconic Star Fleet

Thursday, 10-17 Fishing Report


Serious bite today. Big porgies and sea bass. Went home two hours early, by customer request.

Sunday, 10-6 Fishing Report


Awesome fishing. Big porgies and Sea bass today. Non stop action from the moment we arrived on the grounds, to the moment we left. Lots of happy fares today.

Tuesday, 10-1 Fishing Report


Phenomenal weekend action on the big porgies and sea bass. The fish are big , hungry, and very aggressive. It’s definitely “Porgy Time”.

Saturday, 9-28 Fishing Report


Amazing fishing today. Plenty of BIG porgies and sea bass.

Wednesday, 8-7 Fishing Report


Another beautiful weather day and some great porgy fishing, including a nice mix of keeper sea bass. Most of the real Jumbo porgies were caught in deep water around the change of tide, but there was still all day action.

Tuesday, 8-6 Fishing Report


Good day, Nice weather, lots of big porgies, and even some nice big sea bass. Ellie Braun wowed the boat with a 4.10 lb. Sea Bass, and a large sack of porgy fillets.. Lots of action for everyone!! The Captain and crew of the Peconic Star Fleet, mourn the loss of the Montauk legend, Captain Fred Bird of the Flying Cloud. He was a superb fisherman, a good friend, and a true gentleman. We will sincerely miss him.

Monday, 8-5 Fishing Report


Took all day, but we put a nice catch together. A beautiful day to be out on the water, but many of the shallow spots did not produce because of the bright sunshine. We did the best in the deeper water up to 110 feet. The high atmospheric pressure does’nt seemto bother the porgies in the deep. We took advantage of it and put some nice jumbos in the coolers!!

Wednesday, 8-1 Fishing Report


Good day. �Lots of �big Porgies!

Monday, 7-8 Fishing Report


A welcome surprise after Sundays tough fluke bite. A fair pick in the morning opened up to a very good bite on the outgoing tide., resulting in most anglers going home with a fluke dinner. A reminder, that the peconic star begins its’ full time porgy trips on Wednesday the 10th (Sea Bass opens up that day also!!) . We will be fishing for fluke this Friday the 12th and Sunday the 14th only.� Next week it will revert to our friday, Saturday, and Sunday schedule. through August.

Friday & Saturday, 6-21 & 6-22 Fishing Report


Beautiful weather and good fluke fishing. Mike Gervasi up from Charlotte NC boated a 6.1 lb fluke. Danny K. of Westchester NY followed with a 5.30 lbr. everyone went home with a fluke dinner. Saturdays fluke were caught within sight of our dock, close to home, and lots of sinker bouncing time.